Shop Steward Pay

A question concerning Shop Steward Pay has been asked more than once so we will use this Informer to answer questions as we get them for the new Stewards.

Shop Stewards are paid 50 dollars a month expense allowance. However, Local 514 members passed a motion in October of 1985 concerning attendance at the monthly Shop Stewards meeting. Stewards who miss two shop stewards’ meetings in a row will forfeit those two months pay. If a Steward only misses one month and attends the next monthly meeting they will collect the pay for both meetings.

Stewards who miss three meetings without being excused are in danger of losing their steward’s position. If a steward has a valid reason for missing meetings he or she may be excused; however, this is handled on a case by case basis and must be approved by the president or vice president of the union. Even though the steward may be excused, expenses are still not paid for the missed meetings. It only protects their steward’s position.