This was brought to my attention today, Please pass on to our membership.

D’Ann Johnson
Executive Board Member at Large

*Subject: Outplacement Agency Contacting AA Employees

*Summary:* In the past two weeks, an outplacement agency called CPR-My
Career has contacted AA employees across several workgroups in the DFW
area. The agency tells the AA employees that AA has laid them off, and
offers job search assistance. The agency states they received employees’
contact information from AA Human Resources. In fact, the employees
contacted have not been laid off. No employee contact information was or
ever will be provided to CPR-My Career. American Airlines has no
affiliation with this outplacement agency.****

*Key Points: *****

· The outplacement company, CPR-My Career, has been misrepresenting
their affiliation with American Airlines. American has contacted the
author of the emails, who has also made telephone calls to several
employees, to demand these misleading communications stop.****

· AA would never provide employee contact information or employment
status to an outside party in this fashion.****


· There is an entire industry of information brokers (e.g., social
networking sites or other entities) to whom people have disclosed their
personal information. Information brokers research, bundle and sell this
personal information. We believe that this is how the author gained
employee contact information. Employees should guard against disclosing
personal information to these types of sites.****


· Managers should contact their HR Operations Support partners to
report any calls or emails received by their employees.****


*Subject Matter Expert:* ****

Mike Whittle, HR Operations Support, Mike.Whittle@aa.com****