TWU Urging American Airlines Workers to Vote

(TULSA, Okla.) — Transport Workers Union officials in Tulsa on Wednesday urged thousands of American Airlines mechanics and related workers to vote on the “Last Best Offer” from American Airlines. The polling begins at 12:01 a.m. Thursday, May 10 and ends Monday, May 14 just before midnight. Members can vote online or by telephone using voter ID numbers that have been mailed to members.

Left- President - Sam Cirri, Chairman of Maintenance - John Hewitt, Chairman of MCT - Jason Best, E-Board Member - Joe McGill

“We are at a critical juncture in the bankruptcy process and this vote is extremely important,” said John Hewitt, chairman of maintenance for Transport Workers Union Local 514. “The decision of our members will have a direct impact on the American Airlines workforce as well as the Tulsa area communities. Our members will have to do a lot of soul searching before casting this difficult ballot. Every ballot cast represents what is best not only for that individual, but for their families as well.”
A no vote on the Last Best Offer by the membership gives the bankruptcy court the authority to terminate the current labor contract and the company would then impose new terms. The company’s terms include scrapping very important parts of the contract (retiree medical, vacation, a significant pay cut for 345 mechanics). It would also close the Alliance Ft. Worth Maintenance base and outsource the work. Also outsourced would be all the 757 and 767 work currently performed in Tulsa. This would result in the loss of approximately 2,600 jobs at the Tulsa maintenance base, not including management and non-union support staff.
A yes vote on the Last Best Offer results in the membership voluntarily conceding those very important parts of their contract (retiree medical, vacation, a significant pay cut for 345 mechanics). A yes vote would save some of the 757 work in Tulsa. Voting yes still results the Alliance Ft. Worth base closing, however, a large portion of the AFW work would be brought to Tulsa. Voting yes would lessen the job reductions by approximately 50 percent.

“This is a difficult situation for all of American Airlines employees and their families, but at least this vote gives them the opportunity to determine the future of their careers” said Hewitt. “The reason the Tulsa maintenance base has been here for over 65 years is the union contract. We have been able to perform 92 percent of American Airlines maintenance through the years.”
The public is asked to encourage their friends, family members and neighbors who are American Airlines mechanics to vote on this important issue. They can also make their voices heard by showing their support at where more than 18,300 people have entered their names.