50-55 Age Rule from Jetnet.aa.com

If you are at least 50 years of age, but not yet 55 years of age and have at least 15 years of company seniority at the time you separate from the Company, you can be deemed a retiree at the age of 55 if you meet retiree eligibility as defined in the retirement section of eHR.

The terms of your separation will govern the impact on your stock and other post-employment privileges and benefits (such as medical and travel).

If you leave the Company before meeting these age and service requirements, you will not be eligible for retiree status and/or privileges even though you may be eligible for pension payments benefits at a later date.

You must contact HR Services once you are age 55 in order to receive retiree status and/or privileges.

Employees who have separated from the Company by taking advantage of a voluntary exit program or by electing the 50-55 rule will be ineligible to receive a retirement gift from the Company when they decide to retire at a later date.

Eligible employees who leave the Company under the “50-55 Rule” will also be eligible for payment of unused sick time, but will not receive this lump sum payment until they retire at age 55.

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