Membership Questions, 3-25-2013

questionsMember Retirements
Recently, the TWU Local 514 Executive Board has been made aware, that several “Early Out” retirements were not reported to the Local. As most of you know, when a Local 514 member retires, they receive a Bible, wrist or pocket watch, and retirement information from our Retirees Committee. The Company did not provide the information to us on who was retiring. Since we have learned of the situation, we have requested that the Company notify us in writing what members are retiring. If you are or know of any of our brothers or sister that are going to retire soon, please let a Shop Steward know or call (918)-437-4300.

Bid or Rotate?
Several “I” Team members have reported that members have questions on whether we have a choice on Bid or Rotating Shifts, and also the duration. The M&R Collective Bargaining Agreement language is clear on this issue, reference Article 21(a) and 21(b). The first lines of paragraph (a) reads: “At base locations, whenever shifts are necessary, such shifts will be on a basis of twelve (12) week periods.” Paragraph (b) read this in its entirety: “Subject to the requirements of the service, at the bases, shifts may be rotated or bid in a particular shop, or work unit. When bid shifts are selected, seniority will determine shift work and days off.”

So what does that mean? The company will offer rotating or bid shifts, depending on the operation, which will be for a period of 12-weeks. This new language is a change from the previous agreement, which allowed us to vote on fixed, bid, or rotating shifts. The company has not provided copies of the new contract yet, but they are available at, under contracts and more, then agreements.

AMTO bidding to Back Shops
Question: If you have been RIF’d into an AMTO position and bid a back shop, will you retain the AMT pay minus the license pay, or will you go to OSM pay schedule?

Answer: Once it is established that you are an AMTO, if you transfer to a back shop, you will not lose your AMT pay status. This is the same application that was used during the 2003 RIF.