IAM, TWU, US Airways & American Airlines agree to Seniority Integration, April 27, 2013


The IAM, TWU, US AIRWAYS and AMERICAN AIRLINES have agreed to seniority list integration based on the “date of each employees” entry into the basic classification, as set forth in the existing Collective Bargaining Agreements and the current seniority lists maintained by US Airways for each group. Two or more with same date of entry into the classification shall be determined by date of hire or if also the same, the last four digits of their social security number, with the lower number being assigned a lower a lower seniority number on the list (having higher seniority)”.

The complete agreement will be posted on the District 142 web site www.iamdl142.org Monday morning, if not sooner.

IAM-TWU Seniority integration 042713 Letter in PDF

Trumka letter April 23-2013

IAM-TWU deal April 28-2013