The Retirement Process–What Do I Do?



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Planning for retirement – and starting the actual process once you’ve made the decision to retire – is a new, one-time process for everyone.What are the steps to follow to get things in place once you’re ready to start the retirement process?Whether you’re retiring voluntarily, have decided to take an early out package or are separating from the company as part of a reduction in force, below is a breakdown of steps you should take–and the time you should take them–leading up to your official retirement date.As we continue to work through this time of change in our airline, there are a number of colleagues who are currently working through the retirement process.To help reduce call volumes and wait times, we ask that individuals who are not retiring within the next 30 days use the resources mentioned below before reaching out to HR Services.

Doing so will help co-workers who are retiring now have access to needed resources and the ability to complete a retirement counseling session with a HR Services representative before their retirement date.

In addition to the following resources, you can chat live online with a HR Services representative or send a secure email (available 24 hours every day) instead of calling. Chat is available 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Central time Monday – Friday.

Tips if you’re retiring in …
More than 90 days

90 days or less

60 days or less

30 days or less

Learn about retirement benefits and privileges on:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Restructuring Center

Request your pension kit online. You can do this well in advance of your planned retirement date.Here’s How

Review theretirement checklist and get familiar with retiree benefits and privileges

Contact HR Services viachat or phone to schedule your retirement counseling session

Review your2011 Annual Pension Statement

Talk to a professional financial planner or advisor about your plans

Attend aretiree benefits seminar

If retiring directly from active status, ensure your manager processes your retirement PTR

Run a pension estimate to better understand your projected pension payment options.Here’s How

Attend a retiree benefits seminar

If you haven’t already,request your pension kitonline

If separating from company via Early Outor Reduction-in-Forceand want to start retirement, contact HR Services to process retirement PTR

Learn about$uper $aver – 401(k) Plan

After You Retire…
You’ll have access to the retiree view of Jetnet. You?ll be able to manage your benefits and travel privileges, view events and deals, connect with retiree clubs or employee resource groups, and read the daily news around the company.

If you’re taking a separation package and plan to retire later when you become eligible, you’ll have access to the following websites for a limited time after your last day worked to access details you may need for your retirement decisions:

  • – Find retirement planning information, COBRA benefit details and employment resources
  • ePays – Continue to access pay details up to 36 months following your last day worked.

Not looking to retire anytime soon, but want to learn more about retirement? Click the links below to learn about retirement benefits and the planning process.

  • Retirement Planning
  • Retiree Travel Privileges
  • Medical Coverage When You Retire
  • Restructuring Resource Center Questions and Answers