American Airlines M&E Transportation Emergency Policy

icy-carThe Transportation Emergency Policy for Ground Employees is as follows:

(1)   Employees who have notified management they are unable to report to work and are required to be at work will not be paid; however, the absence will not be counted as an attendance occurrence.

(2)   Employees who report to work late will be paid for actual hours worked.

(3)   Employees who are already at work and who are given the option of voluntarily leaving work before the end of their scheduled shift, with local management approval and based on operational needs, will be paid for actual time worked.

(4)   Lost Time, which occurs because of the Transportation Emergency, will not be counted as an attendance occurrence for TWU-represented employees, support staff, or management.  For TWU and all other hourly employees’ timecard reporting, use TEU (Transportation Emergency Unpaid) for any Lost Time hours for items 1, 2, or 3 above.  In coding Transportation Emergency Unpaid for management employees, use pay code UTM with Cause Code TEU.

(5)   Employees who report to work and are directed by AA management to leave early will be paid for their scheduled shifts.  For TWU and all other hourly employees timecard reporting, use TE (Transportation Emergency) for the remainder of the scheduled hours.

(6)   Based on supervisory approval and operational needs and subject to contractual guidelines in the case of TWU represented employees, employees may protect unpaid lost time by using VC, or Comp Time, if eligible.  Employees may also be given the opportunity to work additional hours at straight time rate, if appropriate.

If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor or manager.