FYI – AA Policies: Drug & Alcohol

Effective January 01,2018 DOT drug testing policy has changed, and January 15,2018 the company policy has changed in reference to taking prescription pain medication.
If you are required to take a drug test under random program for safety sensitive areas, if you test positive you may be contacted by a Medical Review Officer (MRO), you need to be aware of incoming phone calls.
If the MRO can’t  reach you within five days  you will be consider a confirmed positive and given an opportunity to sign a “Return to Work ” agreement stipulating the conditions for continued employment.
If you make contact with MRO via phone , you will be required to provide documentation of a valid prescription and with in five days you will have to contact the prescribing  physician and  have him/her contact the MRO and state that you can work while taking medication in a safety sensitive work area if fail to comply then you given the opportunity to sign a Return to Work agreement , this letter confirms the understanding and agreement  to remain compliant with all EAP/SAP treatments recommendations.
Corrective action up to and including termination , may result when the provision detailed are violated.
 REF : DOT 40.135 , Jetnet under Resources-Policies-Drug & Alcohol
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