Brothers and Sisters,
In its continued efforts to stymie negotiations for Joint Collective Bargaining Agreements with the TWU-IAM Association, American Airlines is pushing forward with its frivolous lawsuit in a Fort Worth, TX Federal Court.

A calendar has been set by the court for the parties to meet in two pre-trial settlement conferences during the middle of June. If a settlement is not reached, a trial is scheduled for the week of July 1, 2019 in Federal Court in Fort Worth.

The Association continues to demand that American lives up to its obligation and promises to resume negotiations. The Company can’t hide behind a lawsuit smokescreen to prevent reaching contractual agreements. The negotiating table is the only arena where the contracts can be resolved.

Remain unified and do not back down from telling your management that American’s negotiators need to get back to the table and get the deal done.

Director, TWU-IAM Association
International Executive Vice President
Transport Workers of America

Vice Director, TWU-IAM Association
General Vice President
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers


Association Bulletin 6-6-2019 in PDF