12(m) Upgrades to Mechanic

This is to confirm our understanding regarding the question that arose as a result of the settlement letter dated October27, 2010 regarding 12(m) upgrades to a Line Maintenance Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) position. The question centered on the applicability for 12(m) transferrequests for an AMT at the Overhaul Bases from non-OSM classifications.
As you know, Attachment 11.12 specifically addresses the conditions for an OSM to upgrade to an AMT,and excludes non-OSM classifications.
Therefore, it is understood that for all 12(m) transfer requests or an AMT at the Overhaul Bases, the Company will waive any experience qualifications required for those employees who have an Airframe and/or Power Plant license. This waiver of experience is not applicable to work in Type 1 through 7.
This provision will not waive the testing or licensing requirements, which must be met to become an AMT.
James B. Wheel
Director Employee Relations