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Dale Dankers Posting to the membership.

Labor Day

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President Dale Danker September 1, 2021 Video Update

Marla Johnson Rebid – Seniority List Updated,. Terry Buck: Limited Duty, Benefit Enrollment- Oct. 14 thru Nov. 5th 2021, Open Enrollment for Long Term Disability. Dale Danker on Membership Meetings, Bankruptcy Grievances, Presidential Grievances and their process, International Executive Council (IEC) Meeting, Facilities Town Hall Meeting, Association Representation Committee, Resolution for the International Convention from…

Q&A with TWU Local 514 President Dale Danker

Thursday July 8th at 6:45 pm, President Dale Danker opened up a Live Stream and took questions. It was recorded and is still available to for viewing.   Friday July 9th 2021, at 2:45am was the second Q&A session and it can be see here: