Labor Day note from President Dale Danker

Dale Danker


The struggle for fair wages, working conditions, hours of work, holidays, vacation, compensation for on the job injuries and the list goes on and on are very real to all of us in a Labor Union.
Those that are not in a Union sometimes scoff at us out of pure ignorance.  Most have no idea the lengths a company will go to not to share in the wealth their workers create. This means that the struggle is not over. My task will be to continue with the fight and with all of your support we can keep what we have and work toward the gains we deserve.
As 2020 has presented us with challenges not expected. Voluntary Early Retirements, looming layoffs and a contract that in some cases contains language that is foreign to the way we have worked in the past are even more evidence of our challenges.We are on the front line of COVID-19 and are still experiencing cases here in Tulsa. Please work smart, Work Safe.
Enjoy your labor day either worked at a higher rate of pay or taken off with your loved ones. You have earned it many times over.