Local 514 Digest for the Week of May 29, 2020

Parking Lot Monitoring:

Please be aware that Security is monitoring parking lot violations/conversation closely.  They are approaching members about any alleged violations. Instead of these violations from Security resulting in a ticket, they are filing a report to the company. This is leading to some members receiving CR1’s which as you know, are permanent in your files.  During your interactions with Security personnel, it is best to be able to validate your conversations via witness present or some other way. It is important to adhere to all parking lot rules. Doing this will help avoid being put in a situation that can lead to a negative report in your employee file or worse.

Implementation of sick time:

Legacy American TWU employees’ sick bank shall be credited with up to ten (10) days no later than December 31, 2020, based on any ten (10) months in 2020 where at least 80 hours were worked by the respective employee.(REF Implantation Agreement dated March27,2020)

Sick Time accrual in 2021

  1. Employees with more than one (1) month service with the Company will accrue eight  (8) hours of sick leave credit for each month (excluding the months of June and  October) of service up to a maximum of sixteen hundred (1600) hours credit.  Employees must be in an active pay status (All hours paid) for eighty (80) hours in a  month to accrue sick leave for the month. (JCBA ART 24)

Injury on Duty

During an employee’s absence due to an occupational illness or injury, compensable under the applicable Workers’ Compensation Law, will receive from the Company  the following benefits:

    1. For the first twenty (20) workdays absent, the difference between his regular hourly rate of pay and Workers’ Compensation payments, if any.
    2. At the conclusion of the period referred to in (1) above, an employee drawing  Workers’ Compensation may, at his option, draw upon his accrued sick leave, up to the extent of his accrual, at the rate of up to one-half ( 1 / 2 ) regular pay. Provided, however, the sum of such Workers’ Compensation weekly  payments plus such sick pay benefits will not exceed the employee’s regular 18 base weekly pay. Corresponding deductions will be made from his available sick leave accrual. Deductions will be to the nearest 0.1 of an hour up to a maximum of one-half day of sick leave.

REF ART. 24 , Please file a grievance if the first 20 workdays are not paid at your regular hourly rate.

Seniority Protest Forms

When filing a seniority protest, be sure to check all of the boxes on the form and provide all of the information requested, I am tasked with getting the protest forms ready for President Dale Danker to review and either approve or deny being sent to the review panel.


Pat Kinnamon
Chairman of Maintenance

Pay In Arrears Coming in July-2020

Please take the time to check out the update on JetNet about the payroll changes. Beginning in July there will be a change to the way you’re paid. Keep in mind that the change will not affect your hourly pay rate and you’ll be paid for all hours worked. There will be options available to help when we go one week into arrears. You will receive an email on June 1st, in your AA email that will direct you on your options to compensate for the week going into arrears. You must select your option by July 2nd.

Jetnet Article can be read HERE

Get all details from the JBCA Guide HERE

More Questions, contact; corp.comm@aa.com

Work Reminders:

When you leave your area for an extended amount of time, please let your Crew Chief know. Crew Chiefs are responsible for keeping track of their workforce-reporting who is missing or accounted for when an actual emergency occurs. I am putting out a reminder about the NO SMOKING policy on the base. This includes, ALL tobacco products and vapes. We have had some members getting write-ups because they are not adhering to the policy. Write-ups lead to discipline.

Note: If you are approached by AA Security and asked specific questions…..be respectful. They fill out their version of every conversation with the AA workforce and turn it into AA Management. If it looks like it may be a long conversation, be sure to let them know that you will talk to them as soon as you have a witness of your choice. Be respectful & mindful of actions and words spoken.

ABOVE ALL – WORK SAFE EVERY DAY!  We want you to go home the same way you came to work but even better! Look for work hazards as you move around the base or in your work area. Trips, slips, falls and bumps happen every day when we do not pay attention to the details. During rainy/snowy weather the painted areas defining parking spaces or Handicap areas become VERY slippery when wet. Avoid stepping up on the curbs of the painted areas. Don’t become complacent following the same routine daily. We have all had those “moments” when we drive to or from work and when we arrive at our destination we wonder what part of that trip we ‘missed’? It’s in those moments that accidents happen. THINK SAFE/WORK SAFE!

In Solidarity,

Linda Dill – MLS Chairwoman