Local 514 Digest for the Week of November 20th 2020

Grievance Process:

We are now using the Verbal grievance forms. This past Monday we gave a short training session to the Shop Stewards as to the process of filing the verbal form, as this starts the grievance timeline clock. 

    1. Initiate Verbal within 5 Days from the time you first have knowledge of a Violation
      1. Supervisor has 3 days to answer the Verbal
    2. If the Answer to the Grievant is Denied or unfavorable
      1. An email will be sent to the Grievant, with a link to fill out the Supervisor’s Verbal answer, this will initialize the Step 1. 
      2. It will be emailed to the Grievant, it then needs to be printed and handed into the Supervisor.
    3. If the “Step 1” Grievance is denied. The Shop Steward or Union Representative will then sign, date and return it to the Staff to start the “Step 2” process.

Please refer to Article 33 – A, 1 of your Agreement for the entire process.

Kendal Anderson
Vice President
TWU Local 514

TWU Lauds Bi-Partisan Passage of Aircraft Certification Reform and Accountability Act

WASHINGTON, DC – Transport Workers Union of America (TWU) International President John Samuelsen issued the following statement lauding the bipartisan passage of the Aircraft Certification Reform and Accountability Act (H.R. 8408):

“The bipartisan passage of this vitally crucial bill is a bright moment during this very dark time. Back in January of 2019, the TWU was the first union to call for the 737-MAX to be grounded because our members did not trust the aircraft to be safe. Over the past year and a half, it became crystal clear that the MAX was approved using a flawed process that purposely took advantage of the FAA’s systemic problems in order to avoid safety requirements.

“But now, with the Aircraft Certification Reform and Accountability Act, all of these concerns will be addressed and the way we certify aircraft is permanently changed. TWU flight attendants, pilot instructors, aircraft mechanics and our many other members who work each and every day to ensure that the flying public and our aircraft are safe are grateful to Chairman DeFazio and Ranking Member Graves’ dedication to air safety at every level. We applaud your leadership on behalf of airline workers.”

Tiny Raider Association Threatens Mechanics at American Airlines

A small and poorly-resourced association claimed on Friday that it secured the requisite support among mechanic and related workers at American Airlines to call for a representation election. The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (amfa) filed what is known as an application for investigation for a representation dispute with the National Mediation Board (NMB) Friday afternoon. The NMB will now determine if a dispute actually exists.

Vacation Bid Selection

You should have received your vacation bid sheet. Please return it to your Production Assistant and get your copy by November 23, 2020 before 5:00pm CST.

TWU 514 Working Women’s Committee

Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless

We are taking donations now till the end of December 2020 for Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. Gently used clothing, blankets, gloves, shoes and SOCKS. Socks are the most requested item for all ages, male & female. There will be a box in the Administration Building in the front lobby area in about a week.  We are accepting donations at the TWU Union Office on Pine as well, please drop by with your items. Thank you, your donations help the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. A lot of people find themselves out of work this year. Unfortunately, some may be homeless for the first time in their lives.


Booker Walker – an MLS on the Tulsa Base is working with Tracy Hardin, TWU E-Board Officer, in collecting Thanksgiving Turkeys this year. They will be taking up collections through November 20th, 2020. In the past American Airlines had matched the amount of Turkeys the union collected for the John 3:16 Mission in Tulsa. This year, Booker was notified the company will not be able to do that. If every one of our TWU members were able to purchase just one extra Turkey (or Ham), our union workforce could feed 4000 families in Tulsa this Thanksgiving. Can you imagine how fantastic it would be to reach that goal?

Contact info: Booker Walker 918-607-9113 and Tracy Hardin 918-409-5962 

Linda Dill – Chairwoman of MLS


Benefit Enrollment ended November 6, 2020, would like to thank D’Ann Johnson, Del Cotton, Joe Brown, Linda Dill, Scott Chisum, Tracy Hardin and Jana Hatfield for help this year. My estimate is that we helped about 1800 members with the changeover for LTD and STD.

The first week of January 4th through the 9th will be another challenging week due to the Direct Deposit window, members will need to set up Direct Deposits for LTD and STD.

Retiree Medical

I have been working with Rick Tinkler, Mark Loeber, Julie Tom on changes to Retiree medical, Basically American Airlines is doing away with current retiree medical and forcing retirees to the Medicare Advantage Program which will harm several of our current retirees.


There have been several members with issues on switching over medical options, the company was late on  getting packages out to members, several members went to use insurance and were denied due to no coverage. 

401K for 2021

Starting in January members will receive 5% company contribution and an additional 4% match if they contribute at least for 4%.

Company funds will be deposited on the 10th of the following month, will not be shown on pay statement, members must login to their Fidelity account, view under Transaction History.

2021 Limits are $19,500 members contributions, $6500 catch up, total all contribution $58,000 total with catch up $64,500

Retirement Stats

Year to Date 2800 members of all the groups, Flight Attendants and Pilots included.  1161 TWU members retired, of these members, 800 still need to commence. We are hoping to get all of these processed by January 1,2020

The Local 514 Digest will be returning in December.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday!