Local 514 Union Office Building – Water Damage

To All,
This morning when we arrived at the Union Office, we found that the Water main on the east side of the office had broken and water permeated the Union Office Building.
We are in the beginning stages of drying out the east side of the building.
The office building will be closed during the restoration process.
Please make arrangements and contact your Union Steward first with any issues.
Please understand that many officers are at the TWU Joint Divisions Presidents’ and Officers Council Meeting in California this week.
On Call will be:

D’Ann Johnson – Financial Sec-Treas

  • 918 384-9760 Cell
  • DJohnson@twumail.org
Executive Board Members at Large

Gene Chapin

  • 918 640-2097 Cell
  • GChapin@twumail.org

Joe Brown

  • 918 284-9666 Cell
  • JBrown@twumail.org

Tracy Hardin

  • 918 409-5962 Cell
  • THardin@twumail.org


As always, you can reach me 24/7 at 918-636-76089

Dale Danker
President TWU Local 514