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TWU-IAM Ratifies New Contracts at American Airlines

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Message from President Danker

TWU-IAM Ratifies New Contracts at American Airlines

The TWU-IAM Association today announced its American Airlines membership overwhelmingly ratified contracts covering more than 30,000 Mechanic & Related (including Maintenance Control Technicians & Maintenance Training Specialists), Fleet Service, and Material…

WARN Notifications

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New! Deadline extended to Aug. 12 for voluntary leave and early out programs

The deadline for the long-term voluntary leave of absence and voluntary early out programs for active, U.S.-based mainline represented team members, excluding pilots, has been extended to Aug. 12 at 11:59 p.m. CT. We’ve received feedback from team members that given the magnitude of these decisions and questions about the programs, additional time to consider…

Rumor Control:

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Time is Running Out! Act Now and Urge Congress to Safeguard Aviation Jobs

TWU members have all put their lives at risk to serve the public during this pandemic. Federal funding is running out and our jobs are at risk of disappearing if Congress doesn’t extend worker protections in the airline industry before October 1. The CARES Act helped save transportation workers jobs, wages, and benefits by prohibiting…

President Dale Danker, Video on the WARN Notices 7-28-2020

Video Update on the WARN Notifications WARN Notice numbers for Tulsa as I understand it. Remember these are NOT LayOff Numbers. As for the MCT Numbers, I am unsure if that is system wide or just TWU. NOTE:Back on July 16th 2020, American Airlines notified the Association of WARN Letters.

RECALL LIST: Blumen hand sanitizers

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently recommended a recall of Blumen clear advanced hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol due to the product testing positive for methanol contamination. The FDA has advised consumers not to use this hand sanitizer. 4E Brands North America, based out of San Antonio, has issued a recalled on several…