FAR 145 Still a Threat to U.S. Airline Workers!

At the TWU 23rd Constitutional Convention on Sept 14-18, 2009, 40 resolutions were adopted which cover issues from retiree health care to global environmental issues. Resolution 10 applies specifically to those of us here at American Airlines as it addresses unfair practices of “outsourced aircraft maintenance”.

Newly Elected TWU International Officers

James C. Little was elected International President of the Transport Workers Union of America Harry Lombardo was elected Executive Vice President Joseph C. Gordon was elected Secretary-Treasurer Hubert Snead and Susan Resch were elected Administrative Vice Presidents

The work of TWU local 514

Every day we get questions from members about what the elected leaders of our local are doing to secure a contract, resolve a grievance, or help one of our members or retirees with a problem. Our elected union officials and hired staff support the membership in so many different ways that I thought it would…

How Much Debt Is Too Much?

The national debt may reach 181% of GDP in 2035 and 716% of GDP in 2080 The latest budget projections show the national debt rising from $5.8 trillion last year to $7.6 trillion this year and $14.3 trillion in 2019. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the debt will rise from 40.8% of the…