President Danker on meeting in Dallas with Mike Mayes

Dale Danker
President TWU Local 514

Meeting Date: Monday, January 31st 2022




I attended a meeting in Dallas to discuss internal structural issues within the Air Division of the TWU. 

Mike Mayes chaired the meeting with Rollie Reaves, Gary Schaible, Gary Peterson and myself. We discussed the continued erosion of Local autonomy from decisions that were recently made concerning who will handle grievances through the GRB process as well as arbitration.

Also discussed was the inconsistent positions on contractual language, the paid position from the contracts for union reps within the local as well as why the Air Division Director communicates with others from a local on matters and leaves the presidents out of the loop.

In conclusion Mike Mayes gave us back our local authority to handle our grievances all the way through to arbitration. He gave the three local presidents the authority to handle our issues without intervention from the Air Division Director. That is a win for local autonomy.  The International has also asked the local presidents to attend a presidents council meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Floridia. I will report out the discussions of that meeting at the February membership meeting as well as this digest. 

I want to thank Mike Mayes for chairing the 5 hour meeting and getting us through these tough conversations.

As always I’m available 24/7. If you need me please call or text 918-636-6089.

Thank you,

Dale Danker
President TWU Local 514