Transportation Technology Campaign

For decades, the Transport Workers Union has been a leading voice when it comes to the use of technology within our nation’s transportation system.

Since our union’s founding in 1934, our members have embraced and fought for technological advancements that improve safety, create union jobs, and improve our members’ lives. Every day, across the transit, aviation and rail sectors, TWU members work with cutting-edge technologies that our founders could only dream of. At the same time, the greatest threat to the traveling public and TWU members today is the rise of anti-worker technologies that have no public benefit and are designed to eliminate jobs. These so-called advancements — including autonomous vehicles — jeopardize safety, threaten good, blue-collar jobs, and fuel inequality by substituting human oversight for corporate profits.

The TWU is aggressively advocating for our members through the legislative, administrative, research, and collective bargaining processes to make sure workers come first in every technological change. We are also educating our members to ensure they know how to operate and maintain the newest equipment and processes that actually enhance safety in their workplace. Learn more about our transportation technology campaign in this video.