TWU Members:

 While it seems easy for some to speak direct lies on social media, I would hope most speak the truth, even when it hurts. Truth is not spoken to harm anyone-it is simply truth. Speaking out on amfa and the lack of integrity within, hurt feelings in the amfa fraternity. Weak leadership within those ranks reacts by attempting (yet failing) to defame fellow workers, instead of answering back on their lack of serving. The best form of social media is the one called; Reality. 

It’s a group effort where amfa fails. It is not individuals that TWU calls out, it is amfa’s lack of representation, weak track record with aircraft maintenance and work they literally give away. Saying NO to amfa is saving jobs at American Airlines and fighting for future work in our airline industry, no matter your title or work group. It seems to be amfa’s “M.O.” to speak lies to organized workers, to twist any type of story to ‘their’ truth. Amfa does this so workers that don’t do their own homework on amfa failures, will simply believe what they want to hear, as amfa plays on workers’ emotions. This can happen especially with those that have not ever worked union before and do not understand union culture and processes.

Amfa attacks those who speak against their union busting tactics, instead of answering back on their lack of representation. This proves what organized workers DO NOT need in our future………an ugly, union-busting amfa. Workers need jobs, a union (which is each individual union member) that fights for work to be done in-house and a union they are involved in to be the difference they want to see. A feeble attempt to tear others down personally weakens your ability to be any type of leader. It’s that simple. Anyone that has questions can contact me directly. Having a hard conversation clears up confusion. We may  like an answer and we may not, but it takes care of the questions. Be big enough to find out the facts. I am a Material Logistic Specialist (MLS) that stands with my TWU Aircraft Maintenance Brothers and Sisters. If you want more information about your TWU, please contact me. For more information on amfa go to – type ‘afma’ in on the right side in the search bar for more history.

United we Stand-Divided we Fall.


Linda Dill
Chair of Local514 Organizing


Below is a Video from 2005 that I was a part of.. still relevant today on how amfa does not represent their members as they should