Local 514 Digest for the Week of February 11th, 2022

President Dale Danker and Officers February 2022 update (Video)

  • Local 514 updates with Marla Johnson, D’Ann Johnson, Tracy Hardin, and Dale Danker covering:
    • Bids
    • New Hires
    • Grievance items
    • Fac Mx trouble call
    • MLS to MX Planners
    • OSM upgrades
    • Presidents day holiday

Use Of The On Base Gym

I want to remind all of our members that if you are using the gym on base, stay within the guidelines.

    • Try to stay within the times of breaks and lunches
    • Visit the gym before or after shift, that way you can extend your visit.
    • Let your crew chief know where you going

Tracy Hardin

Don’t forget Valentine’s Day, Monday Feb 14, 2022

Union Plus has discounted items for Union members.

This Valentine’s Day, Make it Union-Sweet

This Valentine’s Day, Make it Union-Sweet There is no holiday more romantic (and, let’s face it, more pressure-packed) than Valentine’s Day. Every February 14 we consume massive amounts of chocolate and lift multiple glasses of champagne without guilt over calorie-counting. One way to make the holiday even sweeter is to celebrate with sweets and sip-ables…

February 2022 Stewards Meeting

Stewards Meetings will be held on Monday at the Local 514 Union Hall, 11945 East Pine street.

    • 7:15am
    • 11:45am
    • 3:45pm

See you There,

Kendal Anderson
Vice President

President’s Day February 21,2022

Be sure to go into WorkBrain and select how you want to be coded for the holiday by February 13, 2022.


The final copy of the 3-26-2020 agreement is now available on the TWU514 Website.

Milestones in Labor History

February 15, 1820 – Birthdate of Susan B. Anthony, female suffragist, women’s rights advocate, and labor activist.

5 Fun Facts About Susan B. Anthony on Her Day

      • She Had a Criminal Record. …
      • She Was The First Real Woman on U.S. Currency. …
      • She Was Tight With Frederick Douglass. …
      • She Was a Fashion Warrior. …
      • She Convinced A University to Accept Women.