Fleet & Ground Service Negotiation Committee, Update April 24, 2009

Fleet & Ground Services are the Title III and Title IV Groups in the Collective Bargaining Agreement The following is a summary of our mediation session that took place in Chicago, Illinois from April 21 to April 23, 2009. The session with Mediator Terri Brown began at 10 A.M. Full text proposals were provided to the company by the Negotiation Committee in advance of this session. AA’s negotiation spokesman asked questions for clarification purposes and responded to the Negotiation Committee with full text counter-proposals on Article 6 Overtime, Article 39 Physical Examination, and Article 43 Part-Time Employees. After a review of these proposals, both parties reached a tentative agreement on Article 39 Physical Examination. The Negotiation Committee made modifications to table positions on Articles 6 and 43 and passed them to the company. As always, we will provide you with any additional information as it develops. ****************************** 1-888-4TWUUpdate TWU ATD CONTRACT UPDATE HOTLINE (1-888-489-8873) ******************************* We thank the membership for their continued support.