TWU Membership supported Civic Activities

American Airlines Bicycle Club:

April 14th Bike Building for the Tulsa Tough Kids Bike Giveaway. If you know a child 3rd 5th grade who needs a bicycle sign them up for a free bicycle at The bikes will be given away in May along with a bike helmet. The child must attend bicycle safety classes to get the free bicycle. Please hurry there is a limited number and they go quick. ?April 18th AA Bicycle Club’s Spring Picnic and Ride at Hunter park ?May 30th and 31st Tulsa Tough Bike Rides and Races all TWU members interested in riding in these fun events are encouraged to sign up on the American Airlines team when you register. ?If you want to get involved with our bicycle club or have any questions about cycling with us please contact Duane Friesen at Sensational Saturday Snack Sackers: The Sensational Saturday Snack Sackers is a group of AA and TWU employees who get together at the community Food Bank on the first Saturday of each month during the school year to run an assembly line bagging up food for the Food 4 Kids Program. May 2nd will be our last Saturday to work this school year and we would welcome more TWU members and family who want to help. Kids must be 14 years old to work on the assembly line. We work for 2 hours and have a great time doing something that touches a lot of hungry kids in Northeastern Oklahoma. You will never have this much fun, doing this much good, while working this hard anywhere else! Contact Duane Friesen at if you want more information about helping us.