FLOC Interview with Local 514 President Dale Danker

The Local 514 Future Leader Organizing Committee (FLOC) Interviewing Local 514 President. This is the first of a series of interviews that the FLOC has planned.

Video Content:
Chairman of FLOC Joe Brown, Committee Members: Jacob Crosser, Tyler Gilmore and Reggie Jones
1:05 – What is your biggest Issue as the Tulsa President?
2:00 – What does the Day in the Life of the President look like?
4:05 – Were did you start with American Airlines?
5:06 – What made you run for president?
6:59 – Do you feel like the success of the base and moral go together?
9:08 – Membership Meetings, What is their importance?
11:13 – How do we move a contractual change forward?
15:07 – What is an issue we are currently working on and where are we at in the process?
20:19 – What is one mistake you have made as a leader that you regret?

Any Questions? Contact Joe Brown FLOC Committee Chair 918-289-9666