Notice of Permanent Injunction, August 13, 2019

Message from President Danker

All, Wanted to give you a quick update. The negotiating team is not in the room with the mediators. We are in a big room where we are receiving updates…

The passing of Harold VanCuren

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Harold VanCuren, who passed away on Friday, May 1, 2009.  Harold began with AA in 1990, was currently working in Plant Maintenance in the PALM building.

Campaign to Stop KILLER COKE

We are seeking your help to stop a gruesome cycle of murders, kidnappings, and torture of union leaders and organizers involved in daily life-and-death struggles at Coca-Cola bottling plants in Colombia, South America. Visit : “If we lose the fight against Coca-Cola, we will first lose our union, next our jobs and then our…

Altering Planes, and the Way They Fly, to Save Fuel

By CHRISTINE NEGRONI FOR the aviation industry, its fate inextricably linked to the price of oil, fuel conservation is more than environmentally sound — it’s a matter of survival. That is why, in research labs and in airline conference rooms, any measure is open for discussion if it reduces the use of fuel. Full Article