TWU, Local 514 Retirement Counselor Mark Loeber

Mark Loeber
The Advancement Group

Transport Workers Union, Local 514 provides this retirement, benefits and financial planning service for you as a member. Mark’s services are underwritten by TWU in order to serve our members with matters such as:

  • Selecting your Pension Benefit (Single Life, Joint & Survivor and Leveling, & (Guaranteed Options)
  • Converting Sick Time to your RHRA Account (Must be elected 4 months prior to retiring)
  • Health Insurance Options prior to Medicare    
  • Understanding Medicare, Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plans    
  • Social Security Claiming (Taxation, Spousal Benefits, Working and Receiving Benefits, Widows Benefits)
  • Review, Discuss and Complete Pension Packet and other AA Benefit Forms
  • Income taxes (Federal and State Taxation of Pension, Social Security, and Investment Income)
  • Building your 401(k), what about loans and what to do upon retirement
  • Disability and Retirement.
  • Estate Planning
  • Survivor Support Services

The Advancement Group
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