Local 514 Digest for the Week of May 22, 2020

Memorial Day 2020:

Know Peace and Live Free

Remember to thank the countless men and women that sacrificed to make this happen.

We here at Local 514 have not had this Holiday since the 2001 agreement. We would like to thank the Negotiations Committees that helped make this possible.

The Local 514 Offices will be closed on Monday, May 25th 2020 in observance of Memorial Day.

Rumors from the Floor:

We have over 4800 members and a small portion of them like to spread false information. I prefer the truth.

See the Video from President Dale Danker HERE

Parking Lot Violation:

Please be aware that Security is monitoring parking lot violations/conversation closely.  They are approaching members about any alleged violations. Instead of these violations from Security resulting in a ticket, they are filing a report to the company. This is leading to some members receiving CR1’s which as you know, are permanent in your files.  During your interactions with Security personnel it is best to be able to validate your conversations via witness present or some other way. It is important to adhere to all parking lot rules. Doing this will help avoid being put in a situation that can lead to a negative report in your employee file or worse.

Joe Brown
Executive Board Member at Large

Javits Seniority:

Here is a bit of History:

IAM, TWU, US Airways & American Airlines agree to Seniority Integration, April 27, 2013

The IAM, TWU, US AIRWAYS and AMERICAN AIRLINES have agreed to seniority list integration based on the “date of each employees” entry into the basic classification, as set forth in the existing Collective Bargaining Agreements and the current seniority lists maintained by US Airways for each group. Two or more with the same date of entry into the classification shall be determined by date of hire or if also the same, the last four digits of their social security number, with the lower number being assigned a lower seniority number on the list (having higher seniority)”.

In May of 2016, Javits started his integration process.


June 15, 2017, the Final Javits Seniority Blending TWU/IAM list was posted HERE

March 2020

JCBA Ratification was made, in order for the Javits List to be accurate for blending as of DOR, Javits was requested by the Association to take all changes – additions to the list since and before the June 15th, 2017 such as recalls of furloughed members and newly hired members to March 26, 2020, DOR and incorporate them into the list.

If there were any ties, they were settled by the same process that was agreed upon in 2013. All ties are to be settled by the last four of your social security number, the lowest number being more senior.

On May 5, 2020, the final blended list was posted on Jetnet and can be seen HERE 

So, if you find that you had the same basic seniority date as others (hired on the same date), you may now have moved up or down on the list within that group. This is due to the companies use of birthdays on our list in the past and is no longer valid. Now that the new and final list has been implemented, if you share the same hire date with others, that is considered a tie and you are now sorted by your last four social security numbers.

You are placed on the list by your Company Seniority Date, Company Seniority can change, if you have experienced a Layoff / furlough, or leave of absence. In our new agreement, we do not have Occupational  seniority, We now call it Classification seniority.

If you feel as though you have been moved on the list incorrectly, we have a new protest form that you will be required to fill out and come up with all the proper documentation required by that form. This will then need to be sent to your Chairman for verification of your protest. If your protest is verified you will then have it signed by Dale Danker, President of Local 514, so you will then email the documents to the Air Transport Division (ATD) for final disposition and seniority date adjustments.

All protests will require this process completed and the deadline is June 15, 2020.

Protest form can be found HERE

Anyone on Leave as of May 13, 2020 will have 30 days from their date of return to file a protest.

ReBid Process:

Due to the continuing challenges of the pandemic, integrated seniority list issues, Avionics clarifications, and other outstanding related challenges, the Association M&R and MLS Representation Committee and American Airlines have, by mutual agreement, agreed to delay the scheduled May 2020 re-bid for the AMT, GSE/FAC and the MLS Classifications……

See the entire Association Update May 21, 2020 HERE for more details.

Signing Bonus and Vacation Lump Sum Payment:

Well in case you missed it, we received our signing bonus and vacation lump sum payment today. The only way you would receive this payment would be if your seniority with AA caused an increase to the amount of vacation at your years of service step.

The signing bonus was an agreement between the Association and the American Airlines and was not in our JCBA but was placed in the implantation agreement (found here). This would have been the same amount for all Association members, $6000 Fleet Service-$3000



Vacation Lump Sum Payment

 During the discussions leading to the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreements (“JCBAs”) the Company and the Association agreed that if any Association represented employee earned an extra  week of vacation as a result of the change in vacation accruals in the vacations tentative agreement, on a one time basis for calendar year 2020 only, the Company will pay out in a lump sum any extra week of earned vacation to any impacted Association employee. Such lump sum will be paid out no later than sixty (60) days after ratification and will be subject to applicable tax withholdings and authorized deductions.


If you are having problems with VC Pay / Bonus Pay contact Payroll ASAP. You can call Team Member Services at 800-447-2000. Our company put out a letter on this in JetNet this week. Review the letter, it shares an email link to contact. There is a letter as to why they “split” the bonus pay. The company letter stated their system could not ‘process’ the 30,000+? You are still getting your signing bonus even if you have not received it in your account as of yet, you will get your bonus.Call Payroll with all questions concerning the Bonus Pay/VC Pay. Review the company letter for more information from Payroll.


Begin & end with SAFETY! Always work safe in your respective areas. Look for trip hazards, bump hazards-report what may need to be looked at. Don’t rush or ‘cut’ corners to save time, sometimes that creates lost time. Make sure what you send out is correct.


Nearly 1.7 MILLION jack stands sold by Harbor Freight have been recalled due to risk of collapse that could cause death. 6 or 3 ton. Model Numbers: 61196, 61197 and 56371. Please share with all you know in case someone purchased these.

In Solidarity,

Linda Dill

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“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.”


The Passing of Brother Jackie Myers

It is with heavy heart that we share with you the passing of Brother Jackie Myers. Jackie worked in Facilities Maintenance and had been with us here at American Airlines since 1998. “Jackie Myers , 66, American Airlines mechanic, died Sunday, May 17. No services planned. Schautd’s.”

Please keep the Myers family in your hearts and prayers.