M&E TWU Title I & V PTR Freeze – effective 10/8/2012

Due to the M&E Reduction in Force for AA TWU Title I & V domestic cities (including SJU, excluding Canada), system movement within workgroups will FREEZE, effective COB 10/8/2012.  This includes M&E Base and Line Maintenance TWU Title I & V (includes Crew Chiefs).  This does not impact management or support staff, at this time.

****ALL vacancies after 10/8/2012 cannot be filled via recall, transfer or external hiring.  Any requisition that is currently in progress, in the pre-offer or offer stage, will not be impacted.

****ALL PTRs must be finalized through Payroll by 5:00 PM CST on 10/19/2012.

The purpose of Freezing the system is to ensure an accurate reflection of your station’s current headcount and vacancies to be used during the Reduction in Force process.  The system will remain frozen until the reductions are completed.  Once the Freeze is lifted, we will advise.


Maintenance and Engineering TWU Title-I and Title-V RIF Calendar in PDF